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Overview 2019


IPID4all Mobility Funding Research Tandem approved
Ulrich Krieger and Jan Karem Höhne to talk at the 74th AAPOR Annual Conference
Workshop by ZEW and SFB 884 Focussing on Public Opinion Formation
Call for proposals

31/10/2019Friedrich Heinemann on TV

Our member Friedrich Heinemann was interviewed by the german newscast "heute journal". He talks about the current economic activity debate. You can still find the whole show at the ZDF-Mediathek.

24/10/2019Workshop "Data Science in Survey Options"

Prof. Dr. Annelies Blom, PI in the projects A8 and Z1, and Dr. Alexander Wenz, PostDoc in Z1, host a workshop on 24 and 25 October. They are collaborating together with Prof. Dr. Wouter Verbeke, Associate Professor for Data Analytics at Free University of Brussels (VUB) and Prof. Dr. Peter Lugtig, Associate Professor for Survey Methodology at Utrecht University, on the project “A Data Analytics Approach to Survey Operations”.

21/10/2019 Friedrich Heinemann at the Committee on European Union Affairs in the Deutsche Bundestag

Our member Friedrich Heinemann to make a speech on the EU budget and the progress of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) at the Committee on European Union Affairs in the Deutsche Bundestag. 

14/10/2019 European Night at ZEW

Our members Thomas König and Friedrich Heinemann participated at the European Night at ZEW. About 110 guests with different backgrounds in e.g. economics, politics and  science discussed the european developments in the last 20 years.

26/09/2019 SFB members successful at this year's GESS award

Sebastian Juhl won the CDSS Publication Award for his publication "The Sensitivity of Spatial Regression Models to Network Misspecification" in Political Analysis. Carl-Christian Groh received the CSDE Teaching Award.

26/09/2019 Elias Naumann awarded as a John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow

Elias Naumann, PostDoc in project A6, has been awarded as a John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow and is a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, USA from September 2019 to June 2020. During his stay at the Center for European Studies, Elias Naumann explores the social and political consequences of increasing social inequality and limited social mobility. His project aims at integrating core concepts and principles from behavioral economics, from sociological inequality and life course research, and from institutional theories, into an integrated framework for studying the formation and change of social policy preferences in an age of rising inequality.

18/09/2019 Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum

10/09/2019 Dr. Alexandru Cernat visiting the SFB

From now to September 27th 2019 Dr. Alexandru Cernat, lecturer in Social Statistics at the University of Manchester, is visiting the SFB 884. He is collaborating with Florian Keusch and Ruben Bach in the project A8 on measurement error in digital trace data. On September 23rd 2019 he will give a talk in our Seminar Series. Information will be sent in the week before as usual.

05/09/2019 SFB members won Lorenz-von-Stein-Prize

Benjamin Engst and Ruben Bach won the Lorenz-von-Stein-Prize for the best dissertations in Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim. The Lorenz von Stein Prize is endowed with 1.000 EUR each. Ruben Bach's PhD thesis shows new results on "Unintended Behavioral Consequences Due to Repeated Measurement". Benjamin Engst elaborates on High Court decision-making and "The Two Faces of Judicial Power: The Dynamics of Judicial-Legislative Bargaining".

02/09/2019 ESA Conference 2019

Our member Bernhard Ebbinghaus to present his paper "Pension reforms and old age inequalities in Europe: From old to new social risks?" at the European Sociological Association Conference in Manchester.

02/09/2019 54th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

ACL is the premier conference of the field of computational linguistics, covering a broad spectrum of diverse research areas that are concerned with computational approaches to natural language. Three SFB members attended the conference und presented their research papers. Goran Glavaš and Simone Paolo Ponzetto presented their paper "Multilingual and Cross-Lingual Graded Lexical Entailment" at the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. Furthermore, our member Heiner Stuckenschmidt introduced his paper "A Spreading Activation Framework for Tracking Conceptual Complexity of Texts" in Florence. 

25/07/2019 Student Assistant part of Enactus National Cup Winning Team

Our student assistant in project Z1 - German Internet Panel, Marie-Lou Sohnius, is among the 90 students who have contributed to Enactus Mannheim e.V. winning the Enactus National Cup for the seventh time. They came out on top against 33 other German university teams. As the national champion, the team will represent Germany at the Enactus World Championship in Silicon Valley.

25/06/2019 30th IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2019

Our member Rainer Stiefelhagen to present his paper "End-to-end Prediction of Driver Intention using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks" at the 2019 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society.

19/06/2019 Keynote Speaker at the Measurement Error in Longitudinal Data Workshop Annelies Blom

The Measurement Error in Longitudinal Data Workshop will take place at the University of Manchester and will bring together academic, government and industry researchers for discussion of measurement error in longitudinal data. The three day workshop will take place from the 19. to the 21. of june and SFB member Annelies Blom will be making a keynote speach on the 20. on memory effects in surveys.

19/06/2019 Tobias Rettig recipient of the RAT Travel Award

SFB member Tobias Rettig has received the RAT (Rationale Altruisten) Travel Award and will be presenting his papers „Investigating Respondents’ Ability to Recall Previous Responses to Different Types of Questions in a Probability-Based Online Panel“ and „How Much Text Is Too Much? Assessing Respondent Attention to Instruction Texts Depending on Text Length“ at the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) conference in Zagreb.

17/06/2019 Linh Nguyen at the IFSA-NAFIPS 2019

Our member Linh Nguyen to present her paper "Fuzzy Transform in Time Series Decomposition"  at the joint IFSA World Congress and the NAFIPS Annual Conference 2019 hosted by the Department of Mathematics and the Center of Advanced Computer Studies at the Univeristy of Louisina. The conference is scheduled for June 18-21, 2019.

06/06/2019 Ontaria/Baden-Wuerttemberg Faculty Mobility Program

Our member Duk Gyoo Kim to visit McMaster University, Canada for the fall semester using the Ontario/Baden-Wuerttemberg (OBW) Faculty Mobility Program. OBW is an exchange scholar program between researchers in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and those in Ontario, Canada.

04/06/2019 Friedrich Heinemann in the latest edition of "Das Investment"

Our members opinion towards the aim of the european populist parties to establish a parliamentary group is presented in the journal  "Das Investment".

20/05/2019 Dr. Daniel Müller at the 2019 Data Compression Conference

Our member Dr. Daniel Müller to present his paper "Client-Driven Transmission of JPEG2000 Image Sequences Using Motion Compensated Conditional Replenishment" at the 2019 Data Compression Conference.

15/05/2019 Workshop for Women in Political Economics

The workshop for women aims to link fields of active current development on Political Economics together, such as pre-electoral strategies, elections, coalition building, institutions and governance in a single comprehensive framework. It will be held in Mannheim on Thursday 16th to Friday 17th of May and has the special feature of being exclusively offered to women by women and is therefore also an opportunity of engaging in conversation on new ways of social interactions. It will not only be an academic workshop but a social one designed to strengthen links between the female SFB members and leading female researchers in the field of Political Economics.

29/04/2019 ZEW Public Finance Conference: The Political Economy of European (Dis)Integration

The ZEW - Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research is hosting the Public Finance Conference: The Political Economy of European (Dis)Integration with financial support provided by the SFB 884.
The topic of the conference is the political economy of European integration and disintegration. To see the full program click here. The conference takes place in Mannheim on 2-3 May 2019 and aims to cover all fields of public economics and political economy.

25/04/2019 Federico Nanni to talk at the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

Our member Federico Nanni to present his short-papers "EAL: A Toolkit and Dataset for Entity-Aspect Linking" and "Semantifying the UK Hansard (1918-2018)" at the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in Illinois.

16/04/2019 Annelies G. Blom to talk at the Workshop "Interviewers and Their Effects from a Total Survey Error Perspective"

Our member Annelies G. Blom to present her paper "Modelling Group-Specific Interviewer Effects on Nonresponse Using Separate Coding for Random Slopes in Multileves Models" at the Workshop "Interviewers and Their Effetcs from a Total Survey Error Perspective" at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

14/04/2019 Chan Zhang visiting the SFB from 06.04.2019-14.04.2019

Chan Zhang received her Master (2009) and Ph.D (2013) degree in Survey Methodology from the University of Michigan. Since her return to China in 2014, she has conducted a series of research projects that evaluate survey data quality in China and explore methods to improve it. Her current interests include survey methodology, survey data quality, and comparison of survey and social media data.

09/04/2019 Sabine Carey studies the murder of local journalists presented in "FORUM"

Our members research results on the murder of local journalists in democratic countries was presented in the magazine "FORUM"

09/04/2019 Thomas König has been mentioned in the latest edition of "FORUM"

Linda Schädler wrote an article about Franziska Brantner's latest political achievements and cited our speaker Thomas König as an influential figure.

25/03/2019 Esther Hessemann to talk at the CSAE Conference 2019

Our member Esther Hessemann to present the paper "The relationship between pregnancy anemia, childhood anemia and early child development: Evidence from rural India" at the CSAE Conference 2019.

25/03/2019 Barbara Felderer to talk at the "Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Statistik" Conference

Our member Barbara Felderer to talk at the DAGStat 2019 Conference. She will present her paper "Push to web recruitment of a probability-based online panel: Experimental evidence".

25/03/2019 Sebastian Juhl to talk at the European Political Science Association

Our member Sebastian Juhl will present his paper "Testing for Spillover effects in cross-sectional studies" at the EPSA 2019 Conference in Belfast.

20/03/2019 Sebastian Lundmark visiting the SFB from 18.03.2019-22.03.2019

Sebastian Lundmark is postdoctoral researcher at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and is our guest at the SFB from March 18 to 22, 2019. In his current work, he is focusing on respondents' recall ability and memory effects in surveys with repeated measurements. His stay at the SFB is part of the research project "Exploring memory effects in multi-device web surveys" together with Jan Karem Höhne.

20/03/2019 Masha Krupenkin visiting the SFB from 21.03.2019-29.03.2019

Masha Krupenkin is a PhD Candidate at Stanford University. Starting in Fall 2019, she will be an Assistant Professor at Boston College. She is visiting the SFB 884 from March 21 through March 29 and works together with project A8 on individual level web search data and records of browsing behavior to study political behavior and attitudes. Specifically, Masha Krupenkin and the A8 team will work together during her visit in Mannheim on analyzing the question how individuals with differing political preferences react to terrorist attacks and how such attacks shape their political attitudes. She is giving a Guest Talk on Wednesday, 27 March.

11/03/2019 Jan Karem Höhne receives GOR Poster Award

Our member Jan Karem Höhne receives an award for the poster "SurveyMaps: A sensor-based supplement to GPS in mobile web surveys" from the General Online Research Conference 2019 in Cologne (Germany).

05/03/2019 Jan Karem Höhne receives scholarship

Our member Jan Karem Höhne receives a scholarship from the "German Academic Exchnage Service" for conducting a research stay at the "Institute for Social Research (ISR)" at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (USA) to work with Mick P. Couper on the project "Enhancing Survey Data Quality using Paradata".

26/02/2019 Visit from Rania Megally

Rania Megally, PhD student at the German University of Cairo, is visiting the SFB 884 from 18-26 January 2019. purpose of her visit is to further discuss the analysis and methodology of the Randomized Controll Trial (RCT) regarding Child Malnutrition, Preventive Health Behavior and Food Supplementation in Egypt with PI professor Markus Frölich and Bettina Siflinger (Associate).

26/02/2019 Visit from Anne Elevelt

Anne Elevelt is a PhD student at Utrecht University and is currently our guest at the SFB until March 29, 2019. In her current work, she is focusing on mobile surveys and mobile data collection, specifically the use of smartphone acceleration data in survey research. Her stay at the SFB is part of an exchange sposnored by the DAAD and Tobias Rettig will be visiting the Utrecht Univeristy as part of that exchange.

26/02/2019 Visit from Dr. Bella Struminskaya 

Dr. Bella Struminskaya assistant professor at the Univeristy of Utrecht and former senior researcher at GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences at the Department Survey Design and Methodology is visiting the SFB from 12.02.2019-15.02.2019. Purpose of her visit is to prepare and help design a survey on the role of privacy concerns and technological skills for emerging forms of data collection.

05/02/2019 First “Mannheim Political Economy Lecture”

The Collaborative Research Center 884 (SFB 884) „Political Economy of Reforms“ initiated the “Mannheim Political Economy Lecture”, in which high-ranked Political Economists are addressing topics of high relevance for the general academic and public audience.

In the first “Mannheim Political Economy Lecture”, Professor Massimo Morelli from Bocconi University will address causes and consequences of populism for international relations and inequality. The lecture takes place on 27 February, 10:15-11:45, Fuchs-Petrolub-Saal, Ostflügel Schloss Universität Mannheim.

For more information have a look here.

04/02/2019 Ulrich Krieger to talk at the "General Online Research Conference"

Our member Ulrich Krieger will be presenting at the "General Online Research Conference". The conference will take place 6 to 8 March in Cologne.

18/01/2019 IPID4all Mobility Funding Research Tandem approved

Visiting tandem Partner: Anne Elevelt, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Mannheim tandem partner: Tobias Rettig, University of Mannheim, Germany. Anne Elevelt will be joining the SFB884 for Research by beginning of the next Year.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the University of Mannheim has successfully launched the IPID4all program to further promote the internationalization of doctoral education. The program is intended for excellent international graduates who want to pursue a doctoral degree in Mannheim as well as all domestic doctoral candidates who pursue their degrees in structured doctoral programs or individual doctorates. Grant authority is the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In 2017, the university successfully applied for a second project phase and was granted further funding until June 2019.

15/01/2019 Ulrich Krieger and Jan Karem Höhne to talk at the 74th AAPOR Annual Conference

Our members Ulrich Krieger and Dr. Höhne will be presenting at the 74th Annual Conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research. The conference will take place in Toronto, Canada from 16th to 19th May.

14/01/2019 Workshop by ZEW and SFB 884 Focussing on Public Opinion Formation

Our member Sebastian Blesse wrote a summary of the workshop "Understanding Policy Preferences Using Experimental Methods" which took place 17th to 18th December.

13/01/2019 Call for proposals

After our successful first open call, the board of the SFB 884 decided to again offer an open call for the financial support of project-related investments in order to provide an excellent research environment. For an effective usage of our financial opportunities in 2019, this call may help to bundle individual project activities, such as additional data collection, organizing workshops, inviting guests etc. We therefore ask all SFB researchers (PhD students, PostDocs and PIs) to submit a short proposal (2 pages) in which you describe

• your research idea,
• how your request relates to your project and the SFB agenda,
• a short itemized budget including taxes,
• and a short statement on the planned time-line. 
The call is oriented to more large-scale investments, for example additional multi-country or several waves surveys, but also other project-related ideas. 
Please note that the rules for contract preparation were changed. For most requests, this results in a much longer process until the contractor can actually start working. Please consider these changes in your timeline.
Please send the proposal to management<at> . Your proposal will be reviewed by the SFB board (Thomas König, Annelies Blom, Markus Frölich, Friedrich Heinemann, Galina Zudenkova).

The deadline for submission is 28.02.2019.