Project C6:
(formerly B1)

The domestic foundation of governmental preferences over European politics



Prof. Dr. Thomas König



Hyeonho Hahm, PhD. / David Hilpert


Patrick Bayer, Ph.D.  / Dr. Elena Frech / Dr. Moritz Marbach / Dr. Moritz Osnabrügge

  Duration:01.01.2018 - 31.12.2021


Project C6 investigates how domestic forces, such as voters and political parties, shape governmental preferences in EU decision-making processes. The novel contribution of our project is that we study the impact of domestic influences along the entire EU decision-making process, covering the legislation, transposition, and enforcement stage. Based on these findings, we analyse the importance of our explanations for EU reform-making at the constitutional level. Our analysis is based on a dynamic theory of European integration that does not treat governments as unitary actors with stable preferences, but provides explanations that are deeply rooted in domestic arguments on preference change through learning about party and electoral competition.