Political Text Analysis Network


The Political Text Analysis Network of the SFB 884 was established at the beginning of the first phase. The primary purpose of the network was to provide a coordinating role for the various projects that deal with political text as data. The PTAN organised workshops and invited new researchers into the network to broaden the expertise base. In the second phase, the network will continue to coordinate and support text-related research inside the SFB, and will also continue to establish contacts to researchers interested in the topic. In addition, the network will collect and maintain interesting text collections used in the SFB and make them available to all SFB members, and organise courses on automatic text analysis, in particular for PhD students and other researchers in the SFB. Content-wise, the network will broaden its technical scope to more sophisticated techniques from computational linguistics, in particular the use of structure and background knowledge and new tasks such as the analysis of subjective and emotional speech as well as new forms of political discourse as it is found in social media. The PTAN will publish all collected data in the data repository of the University of Mannheim (MADATA) to enable secondary analysis thereof.

For the Research Plan, please have look here.