03/07/2014: Most promising submission to the NLP Unshared Task in PoliInformatics 2014

The paper "Estimating Central Bank Preferences" -  published by our interdisciplinary team from C4 - was selected as the "most promising" submission to NLP Unshared Task in PoliInformatics 2014.
Congratulations go to Nicole Baerg, Will Lowe, Heiner Stuckenschmidt and Cäcilia Zirn - in cooperation with Simone Ponzetto!
"The goal of PoliInformatics is to leverage advances in computer science, machine learning (broadly defined) and data visualization to promote analyses of very large and unstructured datasets related to the study of government and politics." (poliinformatics.org)


10/06/2014: "Political Analysis" rewards two papers written by SFB members

The editors of the renowned journal Political Analysis have selected eight papers, published in the last two years, that they believe are making important contemporary contributions to political methodology. Our SFB members Prof. Thomas König, Moritz Osnabrügge, Prof. Thomas Gschwend and James Lo as well as our former fellow Sven-Oliver Proksch and CDSS student Moritz Marbach have published two of these papers!
Both papers are available here.