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Stream proposals accepted for the 16th ESPAnet Conference

Our member Elias Naumanns stream proposal "Comparative Methodology: Causal Inference in Social Policy Analysis" and our member Bernhard Ebbinghaus stream proposal "Resting safely on supplementary pillars? Comparing variations in private pension coverage and retirement income adequacy in Europe" have been accepted for the 16th ESPAnet Conference "Transformation of European welfare systems: challenges, problems and future prospects". The Conference will take place in Vilnius (LTU) from August 30 - September 1, 2018.

Full Programme of the Annual ESPAnet Conference 2018


Paper proposals have been accepted for the 2018 APSA Annual Meeting

Our member Jason Eichorsts paper proposal, Consistency between Dictionary Methods and Human Coding of Political Text, has been accepted for the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Democracy and its Discontents and placed in the following Created Panel: Innovative and Clarifying Methods in Political Communication Research.
Also the paper proposal, Ideological Sources of the Federal Constitutional Court Legitimacy in Germany, of our member Hyeonho Hahm has been accepted and placed in the following Created Panel: Public Opinion and supreme Court Legitimacy The meeting will take place in Boston (US) from August 30 - September 2, 2018.


Student Paper Award Winners

We are very excited to announce our two students who recieved the award for their paper to the special issue of Longitudinal and Life Course Studies. Congratulations to Ruben Bach and Jessica Herzing for an outstanding the special issue of Longitudinal and Life Course Studies


We are proud to announce the most recent Winner of the Links Lecture Award our member Frauke Kreuter

Our member Frauke Kreuter Principal Investigator of the Project A8/A9, head of the IAB Statistical Methods group and Professor at the University of Mannheim convinced the award committee with her contribution. She received the award for adding important links in the progress of official statistics through leadership in education and training and distinguished to the literature on social and economic measurement. The award includes a modest honorarium and travel expenses to present the links Lecture in the Washington, DC, area.

For more information about the Award, please have a look here.


Our member Jan Höhne recently recieved a Travel Award for the BigSurv 2018 Conference

Jan Höhne our postdoctoral researcher will be attending the BigSurv 18 Conference in Barcelona, Spain to explore  new statistical frontiers at the intersection of survey science and big data. The BigSurv18 will bring together international researchers, practitioners, and experts to address how promising technologies and methodologies for using massive datasets can improve, supplement, or replace data and estimates from complex surveys and censuses. The Conference will take place from October 25-27, 2018.

For more information about the Conference, please have a look here.


IPID4all Mobility Funding Research Tandem approved

Visiting tandem Partner: Anne Elevelt, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Mannheim tandem partner: Tobias Rettig, University of Mannheim, Germany. The IPID4all grant awarded is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Ms. Elevelt will be joining the SFB884 for Research by beginning of the next Year