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Annelies G. Blom to talk at the Workshop "Interviewers and Their Effects from a Total Survey Error Perspective"

Our member Annelies G. Blom to present her paper "Modelling Group-Specific Interviewer Effects on Nonresponse Using Separate Coding for Random Slopes in Multileves Models" at the Workshop "Interviewers and Their Effetcs from a Total Survey Error Perspective" at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.


Chan Zhang visiting the SFB from 06.04.2019-14.04.2019

Chan Zhang received her Master (2009) and Ph.D (2013) degree in Survey Methodology from the University of Michigan. During her studies in the U.S., she received multiple academic honors and awards and published several papers on data quality of web surveys. Since her return to China in 2014, she has conducted a series of research projects that evaluate survey data quality in China and explore methods to improve it. She has published several papers in SSCI journals in the fields including statistics, public opinion, and applied computing in social sciences. She also serves as a reviewer for several academic journals internationally. Her current interests include survey methodology, survey data quality, and comparison of survey and social media data.


Sabine Carey studies the murder of local journalists presented in "FORUM"

Our members research results on the murder of local journalists in democratic countries was presented in the magazine "FORUM"


Thomas König has been mentioned in the latest edition of "FORUM"

Linda Schädler wrote an article about Franziska Brantner's latest political achievements and cited our speaker Thomas König as an influential figure.


Sebastian Juhl to talk at the European Political Science Association

Our member Sebastian Juhl will present his paper "Testing for Spillover effects in cross-sectional studies" at the EPSA 2019 Conference in Belfast.


Esther Hessemann to talk at the CSAE Conference 2019

Our member Esther Hessemann to present the paper "The relationship between pregnancy anemia, childhood anemia and early child development: Evidence from rural India" at the CSAE Conference 2019.


Barbara Felderer to talk at the "Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Statistik" Conference

Our member Barbara Felderer to talk at the DAGStat 2019 Conference. She will present her paper "Push to web recruitment of a probability-based online panel: Experimental evidence".


Masha Krupenkin visiting the SFB from 21.03.2019-29.03.2019

Masha Krupenkin is a PhD Candidate at Stanford University. Starting in Fall 2019, she will be an Assistant Professor at Boston College. She is visiting the SFB 884 from March 21 through March 29 and works together with project A8 on individual level web search data and records of browsing behavior to study political behavior and attitudes. Specifically, Masha Krupenkin and the A8 team will work together during her visit in Mannheim on analyzing the question how individuals with differing political preferences react to terrorist attacks and how such attacks shape their political attitudes. She is giving a Guest Talk on Wednesday, 27 March.


Sebastian Lundmark visiting the SFB from 18.03.2019-22.03.2019

Sebastian Lundmark is postdoctoral researcher at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and is our guest at the SFB from March 18 to 22, 2019. In his current work, he is focusing on respondents' recall ability and memory effects in surveys with repeated measurements. His stay at the SFB is part of the research project "Exploring memory effects in multi-device web surveys" together with Jan Karem Höhne.


Jan Karem Höhne receives GOR Poster Award

Our member Jan Karem Höhne receives an award for the poster "SurveyMaps: A sensor-based supplement to GPS in mobile web surveys" from the General Online Research Conference 2019 in Cologne (Germany).


Jan Karem Höhne receives scholarship

Our member Jan Karem Höhne receives a scholarship from the "German Academic Exchnage Service" for conducting a research stay at the "Institute for Social Research (ISR)" at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (USA) to work with Mick P. Couper on the project "Enhancing Survey Data Quality using Paradata".