SFB Seminar Series 2011

Details about the seminars can be found in our archive here.

Overview of Seminars in 2011:

January 31: Prof. Peter Rosendorff, New York University
February 7: Prof. Dr. Kai Konrad,Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance
February 21: Pierre Boyer, Ph.D., Mannheim SFB 884
February 28: Prof. Jan Egbert Sturm, ETH Zürich
March 14: Johannes Lindvall, Ph.D., Lund Lecturer
March 21: Professor Lanny Martin, Rice University
March 29: Fabrizio Zilibotti, University of Zurich
April 4: Lydia Mechtenberg, Ph.D., Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
April 11: Professor Vincenzo Galasso, Università L. Bocconi Milano
May 3: Erik Eyster, LSE
May 16: Dr. Michaela Coppola, Mannheim MEA
Mai 30: Jae Jae Spoon, University of Iowa
June 20: Professor Andrea Weber, Mannheim - Department of Economics

August 8: Blaise Melly, Brown University Department of Economics
September 5: Professor Michele Tertilt, Mannheim Department of Economics
September 13: Per Krusell, IIES Stockholm
September 19: Gerard van den Berg, Mannheim
September 26: Michael Herron, Dartmouth College
September 27: Fernandez, Raquel, New York University
October 4: Thomas Plümper, Department of Government, University of Essex
October 24: Clark, William, University of Michigan
November 7: Crombez, Cristophe, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
November 9: Jon Krosnick, Stanford University
November 14: Dirk Engelmann, University of Mannheim
November 21: Kaj Thomsson, Department of Economics, University of Maastricht
December 5: Dr. Brigitte Mathiak, GESIS


Workshop: Political Economy of Reforms

On 9-10 December 2011, a workshop on the Political Economy of Reforms will be held at the University of Mannheim. The workshop is aimed at promoting interdisciplinary research on political reforms. It is open for participation to all members of the University of Mannheim.

List of confirmed external speakers:

Marco Battaglini (Princeton)
Ken Shepsle (Harvard)
Georgy Egorov (Kellog)
Torun Dewan (LSE)
Mark Hallerberg (Hertie)
Sophie Bade (MPI Bonn)
Massimiliano Onorato (IMT Lucca)

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DAI - US Consulate General - SFB 884 Public Lecture: Bush’s Third Term? Presidential Unilateralism in the Obama Era

06.06.2011, 13:45
Alte Bibliothek, ZEW

On the defining issues of peace and prosperity, the Democratic Party, after calling President George W. Bush a "historic" failure, has chosen a Bush-lite strategy in Afghanistan and apparently a Bush-like economic plan. Welcome to Bush 43-3, despite the prohibitions of the 22nd Amendment.  "In the name of our children, we reject the proposals of those who want to continue George Bush's disastrous economic policies," passionately declared the 2008 Democratic Party platform, saying Republicans had "promised fiscal responsibility but instead gave tax cuts to the wealthy few." Yet Democrats seem on the verge of accepting as necessary to avoid another downturn the very economic policy they said had disastrously led to the latest one.  The same platform attacked the failed Bush strategy in the part of the world that it said posed the "greatest threat to the security of … the American people." Democrats promised a new approach in Afghanistan, but they now have settled on hiring the Texan's favorite general to impose the same basic counterinsurgency strategy that Democrats had said wouldn't work.  Is the Obama Presidency de facto Bush's Third Term?


Professor Mark Rozell (George Mason University – School of Public Policy) is author and editor of more than 25 books on the amerikan presidency, religion and politics, media and politcs and interest groups and elections. His expertise is regularly sought after in Washington Post, Washington Times and Time Magazine. Professor Rozell has been invited to US Congress numerous times as scientific expert in Hearings.

The US Consulate General,  The Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 884 „The Political Economy of Reforms“ and the Deutsch-Amerikanisches-Institut Heidelberg (DAI) invite to Professor Rozell’s Public Lecture.



First German Internet Panel Workshop

May 20, 2011
University of Mannheim

We are pleased to invite you to our first workshop on the German Internet Panel, a new online survey based on a random probability sample of the German population. The workshop is organized by the Collaborative Research Center “Political Economy of Reforms” (SFB 884) and coordinated by Prof. Christina Gathmann, Ph.D. and Dr. Annelies Blom. For further information see here.