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First “Mannheim Political Economy Lecture” – Professor Massimo Morelli speaks on “Causes and Consequences of populism for international relations and inequality”

The Collaborative Research Center 884 (SFB 884) „Political Economy of Reforms“ initiated the “Mannheim Political Economy Lecture”, in which high-ranked Political Economists are addressing topics of high relevance for the general academic and public audience.

In the first “Mannheim Political Economy Lecture”, Professor Massimo Morelli from Bocconi University will address causes and consequences of populism for international relations and inequality. The lecture takes place on 27 February, 10:15-11:45, Fuchs-Petrolub-Saal, Ostflügel Schloss Universität Mannheim.


Populism in western democracies can be shown to be due to growing economic insecurity and growing difficulties for liberal democracies to offer protection against such growing economic insecurity perceptions. If the causes of populism are now under scrutiny from many angles, the consequences are less so, and especially the consequences for international relations are clearly understudied. The lecture aims to illustrate that populist leaders in super-powers can indeed have severe consequences for inequality and conflict risk in ethnically divided developing countries.

About the speaker

Massimo Morelli is Professor of Political Science and Economics at Bocconi University since 2014. Before joining Bocconi University, he has been Professor of Political Science and Economics at Columbia University. He received his PhD in Economics at Harvard University, and has been a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He does research on Economic Theory, Political Economy and Institutional Economics. His main contributions have been on party formation, electoral systems and international organizations.