Prof. Nikoleta Yordanova, Ph.D.

Project: C1

Associated Researcher

Leiden University
Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
Wassenaarseweg 52

NL-2333 AK Leiden

Tel.: +31 (0) 71-527-2727
Email: n.yordanova<at>


Selected Publications:

Yordanova, Nikoleta. forthcoming. ‘Tracing the Bias in Roll Call Votes: Party Group Cohesion in the European Parliament’. European Political Science Review

Yordanova, Nikoleta. 2013. Organising the European Parliament: The Role of Committees and Their
Legislative Influence. ECPR Press.

Yordanova, Nikoleta. 2011. "The European Parliament: In need of a theory". European Union Politics
12(4): 597-617.

Yordanova, Nikoleta. 2011. "Inter-institutional Rules and Division of Power in the European Parliament:
Allocation of Consultation and Co-decision Reports". West European Politics 34(1): 97-121.

Yordanova, Nikoleta. 2009. "The Rationale behind Committee Assignment in the European Parliament
Distributive, Informational and Partisan Perspectives". European Union Politics 10(2): 253-280.