Prof. Dr. Eckhard Janeba

Project: C5

Chair of Public Finance and Economic Policy

University of Mannheim
Department of Economics
L7, 3-5 - Room 229
D-68131 Mannheim

Tel.: +49 (0) 621-181-1795
Fax: +49 (0) 621-181-1794
Email: janeba<at>


Selected Publications:

Eckhard Janeba, John D. Wilson, "Optimal Fiscal Federalism in the Presence of Tax Competition”,
Journal of Public Economics 95 (11-12), December 2011, 1302-1311.

Friedrich Heinemann, Eckhard Janeba, “Viewing Tax Policy Through Party-Coloured Glasses: What
German Politicians Believe” German Economic Review 12(3), August 2011, 286-311.

Eckhard Janeba, G. Schjelderup, "The Welfare Effects of Tax Competition Reconsidered: Politicians and
Political Institutions", The Economic Journal, 119, 2009, pp. 1143 – 1161.

Eckhard Janeba, John D. Wilson, "Decentralization and International Tax Competition,” Journal of Public
Economics 89, 2005, 1211-1229.

Eckhard Janeba "Tax Competition when Governments Lack Commitment: Excess Capacity as a
Countervailing Threat", American Economic Review 90, December 2000, 1508-1519.