Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Grüner

Projects: A2, A7

Chair of Economic Policy

University of Mannheim
Department of Economics
L7, 3-5
68131 Mannheim

Tel.: +49 (0) 621-181-1886
Fax: +49 (0) 621-181-1884
Email: hgruener<at>


Selected Publications:

Falko Fecht, Hans Peter Grüner, and Philipp Hartmann, “Financial Integration, Specialization and
Systemic Risk”, Journal of International Economics, 2012, 88, 150-161

Hans Peter Grüner, Yukio Koriyama, "Public Goods, Participation Constraints, and Democracy: A
Possibility Theorem", Games and Economic Behavior, 2012, 75, 152-167.

Hans Peter Grüner, Rüdiger Schils, "The Political Economy of Wealth and Interest", Economic Journal,
2007, 117, 1403-1422.

Hans Peter Grüner, „Redistribution as a Selection Device", Journal of Economic Theory, 108, 2003, 194-

Giacomo Corneo, Hans Peter Grüner, "Social Limits to Redistribution", American Economic Review, 90,
December 2000, 1491-1507.