Carl-Christian Groh

Project: A2

University of Mannheim
L7, 3-5
Room 203
Phone: (+49) 621 181-1867

Mail: carl-christian.groh(at)


Carl-Christian Groh was born in 1994 in Speyer, Germany. He completed his Bachelor and Master degree in Economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich. Over the course of his studies, Carl-Christian obtained practical research experience in the fields of Behavioural Economics, Development Economics, and International Trade. In 2014, he was part of a group that won the “Forschungspreis für exzellente Studierende der LMU München”. After completing his Master degree, Carl-Christian moved on to participate in the Economics PhD program at the CDSE Mannheim. He is now employed at the chair of Economic Policy (Prof. Grüner) at the University of Mannheim. His current research interests are Industrial Organization, International Trade, Political Economy, and Development Economics.