Will Lowe Ph.D.

Project: C4

Associated Researcher

Princeton University
Department of Politics
029 Corwin Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544-1012

Tel.: +1 (0) 609-258-4753
Email: wlowe<at>princeton.edu


Selected Publications:

W. Lowe and K. R. Benoit (2013) Validating estimates of latent traits from textual data using
human judgment as a benchmark. Political Analysis 21(3): 298-313

K. R. Benoit, M. Laver, W. Lowe and S. Mikhaylov (2012) How to scale coded text units without bias: A response to Gemenis. Electoral Studies 31(3): 605-608

W. Lowe, K. Benoit, S. Mikhaylov, and M. Laver (2011) Scaling policy positions from coded units of
political texts. Legislative Studies Quarterly 36(1): 123-155

J. Sullivan and W. Lowe (2010) Chen Shui-bian: On independence. China Quarterly 203: 619-638.

W. Lowe (2008) Understanding Wordscores. Political Analysis 16(4): 356-371.

G. King and W. Lowe (2003) An automated information extraction tool for international conflict data with
performance as good as human coders: A rare events evaluation design’. International
Organization 57: 617-642