Professor Dr. Dirk Engelmann

Project: A7

SFB Associate A7

School of Business and Economics
Spandauer Straße 1 - Room 119
D-10099 Berlin

+49 (0) 30-2093-5615
Fax: +49 (0) 30-203-5619
Email: dirk.engelmann<at>


Selected publications:

Dirk Engelmann, Martin Strobel, “Inequality Aversion, Efficiency, and Maximin Preferences in Simple
Distribution Experiments“, American Economic Review 94(4), 857-869 (2004).

Dirk Engelmann, Guillaume Hollard, “Reconsidering the Effect of Market Experience on the ‘Endowment
Effect’”, Econometrica 78(6), 2005-2019 (2010).

Dirk Engelmann, Veronika Grimm, “Mechanisms for Efficient Voting with Private Information about
Preferences”, The Economic Journal, 122 (563), 1010-1041 (2012).

Mariana Blanco, Dirk Engelmann, and Hans-Theo Normann, “A Within-Subject Analysis of Other-
Regarding Preferences”, Games and Economic Behavior 72(2), 321-338 (2011).

Dirk Engelmann, Urs Fischbacher, “Indirect Reciprocity and Strategic Reputation Building in an
Experimental Helping Game”, Games and Economic Behavior 67(2), 399-407 (2009).