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25/08/2017: Philippe LeMay-Boucher to visit the SFB

Dr. Phillipe LeMay-Boucher (Heriot-Watt University) supports with his expertise in savings insurance the projects A9 and B7 in Sambia. His visit to the SFB will be the 08.09.2017.


23/08/2017: Felix Bierbrauer to visit the SFB

We are happy to announce that Felix Bierbrauer will visit the SFB from September 1st to Sptember 30th 2017. Mr. Bierbrauer will collaborate with project A2 during his stay in Mannheim.


22/08/2017: Katja Möhring invited for research stay at Harvard University

Our SFB-Associate Katja Möhring (A6) was invited for a research stay at the Center for European Studies of the Harvard University, Boston (USA), September 5 - December 17, 2017. Her research will be about "Citizens` support for gender equality in leadership positions across Europe".


13/10/2017: Carina Cornesse to present at PUMA-Symposium 2017 in Linz

Our SFB member Carina Cornesse (A8) will visit the PUMA-Symposium 2017 in Linz (Austria). Furthermore, she will present her talk "Repräsentativität und Antwortqualität in Online Panels" during the event on October 13th, 2017.


11/10/2017: Marcel Preuß to present SFB project in Vienna

Our SFB member Marcel Preuß (A7) will present his talk "Why fairness views are income-dependent" at the European ESA-meeting ( 6th to 9th September 2017) in Vienna. His talk is also part of the SFB project "Heterogeneity in fairness beliefs".