Sebastian Juhl

Project: C2

Doctoral Researcher

University of Mannheim
L13, 15-17 - Room 417
D-68161 Mannheim

Tel.: +49 (0 )621-181-3433
Fax: +49 (0) 621-181-3451
E-Mail: sjuhl<at>


Sebastian Juhl is a PhD student at the CDSS and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences from the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen as well as a Master's Degree in Political Science with a focus on quantitative methods from the University of Mannheim. In the course of his studies, he gained teaching experience in statistics tutorials and worked
as a research assistant at different Chairs, including the Chair of Political Economy in Mannheim.Besides his interest in quantitative methods and formal models, Sebastian's research focuses on the theory-driven empirical examination of patterns of party competition and the process by which citizens' preferences are translated into policy outputs in represen-
tative democracies. He aims to analyze how parties and legislators strategically respond to dynamic societal processes within the constituency and how these processes alter the course of legislative decision-making as well as parties' strategic position-taking. In line with this, his Master's thesis examined dynamics in party positions and parties' spatial dependencies within the German multiparty system by using roll-call votes.